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Precision CNC Lathe Machining

Precision Lathe MachiningIntrex Aerospace provides precision CNC lathe machining and system support for the complex needs of aerospace, defense, and space companies. We are able to provide complex-shaped machined parts to these industries, along with a high level of integration and support documentation. Our facility is equipped with over 35 CNC machines. We have twin spindle CNC turning/mill lathes, 5-axis mill/turns, and 4-axis vertical and horizontal machine centers. With our lineup of precision CNC equipment, we can produce machined aerospace parts in a wide range of sizes and complex shapes.

In recent years, we have made significant capital investments in our building, CNC machines, support equipment, and systems software. In addition to our existing CNC equipment, our recent investments in CNC lathe machines include:

  • 1 – DMG/Mori NTX Series
  • 3 – DMG/Mori NLX2500SY/700
  • 1 – DMG/MoriNLX2000 SY
  • DMG/Mori CMX 1100

Our work envelope currently produces a variety of sizes and shapes including aerospace products like flanges, couplings, sleeves, nuts, bushings, and housings. We make parts from solids, castings, and forgings in a variety of aerospace materials, such as TZM, Inconel, aluminum, cold roll steel, stainless steel, titanium, Monel, and Hastelloy. Most of our machined parts require special processing, from anodizing and heat treating to coatings and lubricants. We manage the outsourcing of special processing through our powerful Epicor MRP/ERP software. Management and integration of our processes is seamless and efficient.

Thin Walled Machining

Precision Lathe MachiningOne of our areas of greatest experience and expertise is producing thin-walled machined parts for aerospace and defense applications. Our equipment, systems, and staff excel at producing these type of precision parts. We also offer a variety of CNC turning and milling machines in standalone or cell configurations, depending on demand and volume, that can efficiently produce thin-walled machined parts.

Program Management Capabilities

In addition to our wide range of capabilities, Intrex has a team of knowledgeable machinists, many with more than 30 years of aerospace CNC machining experience. Our Program Management team can manage the ever-changing demands of aerospace production and scheduling. Our demand-planning experience and success in managing high-mix/low-volume aerospace components, coupled with our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications, offer a comprehensive and reliable program solution.

Quality Assurance

Precision manufacturing for aerospace and defense components requires careful quality control. At Intrex Aerospace, we have a quality assurance process that provides our customers with detailed information on the steps we take to ensure quality throughout production. We’ve invested in a quality management software package, which is integrated with our Epicor system. This software allows us to track a range of quality control metrics, such as CPk and SPCs. We can also use it to generate reports that allow our customers to see how we’ve improved quality and reduced waste throughout the production of their precision components.

To request a quote or to learn more about our precision CNC turning and milling capabilities, contact Intrex today.

CNC Turning

Anyone who provides the aerospace, space and defense sector knows the importance of supplying precision components. Intrex Aerospace is a provider of precision CNC lathe and milled components.

Our state-of-the-art 75,000 sq. ft. Thornton, CO. facility with more than 30 CNC machines, is capable of producing many aerospace, space and defense parts, in a variety of sizes and complex shapes.

Precision Lathe Services

At Intrex Aerospace, we produce customized parts for applications in the defense and aerospace industries. Our lathe services routinely produce component flanges, couplings, sleeves, nuts, bushings, housings, in many different materials and shapes.

Our CNC turn/mill machines can turn up to 8” diameter (1-6” is our sweet spot) and 30” length. Thanks to our affiliation with the Demmer Manufacturing Group, our aggregated capabilities can offer a broad breadth of machined components (both larger/smaller and stamped).

As a supplier of precision aerospace parts, we have the machines, the machining expertise, the experience and the support system, to be successful in the specialized world of aerospace, space, and defense components.

Understanding the CNC Process

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines can be integrated into computer-aided design and drafting programs (CAD/CADD). From the CAD files, you can generate computer aided machine (CAM) files. The CAM files give the machine language, through a program that give instruction for CNC machine movements. By implementing both CAD and CAM you can move from design phase to a finished machined product, in an abbreviated time frame.

CNC technology and processes are used in a variety of an almost unlimited number of machining processes: drilling, milling, turning, grinding, etc. The biggest limitation is the size of the work envelope and number of programmable axes of the machine tool.

At Intrex, we rely on CNC turn/mill machines to create consistent precision parts, our clients have come to expect. Among our 30+ CNC machines, we have twin spindle turning/mill lathes, five-axis mill/turns, and four-axis vertical and horizontal machine centers.

Most recently, we’ve invested in CNC machining lathes, including:

  • 1—DMG/Mori NTX Series
  • 3—DMG/Mori NLX2500SY/700
  • 1—DMG/MoriNLX2000 SY
  • DMG/Mori CMX 1000

Our equipment is housed in a modern, 75,000 square-foot facility. Our space is designed for consistency, flexibility, and efficiency that can accommodate a wide array of innovative solutions for our clients.

CNC Milling

To better understand our capabilies, it’s important to distinguish between CNC milling and CNC turning. We have both vertical and horizonal milling machines, with 4 and 3+2 (5 axis) milling.

We can integrate our 4/5 axis milling machines, using our Solid Works (CAD) with modeling, and MasterCam (Cam), to develop simple-to-complex precision machined shapes.

CNC Turning

Most of our CNC turning machines have both turning and milling capabilities. We have both single and twin spindles machines, as well as machines with ATC’s (automatic tool changers). By combining these features in a single or double chucking, we are able to hold tighter tolerances (no tolerance stack up) and maintain better relational geometries. The net results are

By combining these features into our programming and work holding, it results in higher degrees of speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Specialized Processing

We work with a variety of different materials. Our raw materials originate from solid stock, castings, and forgings. Most of the parts we manufacture require some level of special processing.
A listing of materials we work are:

  • TZM
  • Inconel
  • Aluminum
  • Cold-roll steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy

Due to the nature of these materials and the part requirements our customers identify, some additional processing is usually required. We outsource most of this special processing. We manage this process through our powerful Epicor MRP/ERP software. The result is a process that is streamlined and efficient.

Thin-Walled Machining

Many components that go into aerospace parts are designed not only for strength but are sensitive to weight. Many parts achieve this reduction through “thin wall” design. At Intrex, one of our most experienced areas is with machining thin wall material. We have developed tooling and techniques to produce thin wall components, while maintaining the integral strength of the parts.

Parts manufactured with these requirements are very important for the aerospace, space and defense industries.

The Challenge of Thin-Walled Machining

Achieving the balance between weight and strength can be a great challenge. Without the proper experience, machine tools, and tooling, distorting these type of parts can happen. Successful thin-walled machining requires experience, a firm machining knowledge base and a good operator skill set. That is something Intrex can provide.

Precision Manufacturing Control

Managing your manufacturing processes is fundamental. This includes acquisition of raw material, inventory stock control, machining, quality, documentation, packaging, and shipment. Every aspect of this process needs to be monitored and controlled. Our machining lathes are specially adapted for this type of sensitive work.

Our five-axis simultaneous machines are capable of working on five surfaces in a single chucking, minimizing the need for additional chucking/clamping, which reduces chances for error (tolerance stack up), and provides better tolerances (maintaining relationship between the axis).

Our CNC turning and milling machines are organized to maximize an efficient shop and part flow. Depending on volume, we can arrange our machines as stand-alone units or into cell configurations.

Program Management

In addition to our modern, clean facility and late model machine tools, we believe our greatest resource lies in our exceptional staff. Many of our team of experienced knowledgeable machinists boast over 30 years of aerospace CNC machining experience.

Helping You Manage Your Programs

Our experience in Program Management team is one of the keys to our continued growth and success, as a contract supplier to the aerospace , space and defense markets.

We have taken a proactive approach to meeting our customer’s needs. One way we accomplish this is through continuous investment in our Epicor ERP/MRP system. The flexibility of our system allows us to integrate with our clients’ supply chain forecast systems. Our Epicor system, with access to our customers forecast portal, can monitor and match our customers product needs with our floor production. With careful monitoring and customer communication, we can make adjustments to our production scheduling, minimizing the need for excessive inventory, while maintaining on-time-deliveries (OTD).

Demand Management

This same system also allows us to anticipate future needs, fulfilling manufacturing demands with precision and speed. This can be vital for companies that see their demand fluctuate throughout their fiscal year.

Our team can minimize the stress out of the demand management process. We keep your projects from stalling out due to a lack of available material.

Historically, control of the Demand Management system has helped us maintain an on-time delivery rate exceeding 98%. This proven track record makes Intrex a dependable manufacturing partner.

Quality Control

Our quality assurance program is integral to our manufacturing process, with touch points at every stop, as parts flow through our shop. It is systematic, stringent and accessible. All facets of our part production are monitored and measured, with reports recorded for authentication. This information can be accessed by our customers, if needed. Transparency is always key to building and maintaining trust.

Our Epicor system is totally integrated with our QMS quality assurance software system. We can define, monitor and report all relevant control metrics.

Process Capability Index (CPk)

Many of our customers have us perform CPk processes. The process capability index (CPk) is a statistical tool used to measure the ability of a process to meet a clients’ specification limits.

In manufacturing, CPk measures the manufacturer’s ability to produce a finished product that falls within your tolerance range. In other words, the CPk gives you a snapshot of our process, providing assurance that the components delivered meet your standards.

Statistical Process Controls (SPCs)

We also perform SPC measurement analysis upon customer requests. Statistical process controls (SPCs) are an industry-standard method for measuring and controlling quality throughout the manufacturing process.

SPC data can be obtained in real-time during manufacturing, which means that the entire process is completed with a high degree of accuracy.

Quality Reporting

We can collect much data during the manufacturing process. We can then use this information to generate reports for internal of external (customer) use.

This quality reporting has many uses beyond dimensional validation. It can show total process control and used as a tool for showing our commitment to efficiency.

About Our Certifications

Intrex Aerospace is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified. These certifications are validation to our ongoing commitment to quality assurance. They meet the high standards requirements associated with producing aerospace, space, and defense components.

We have made substantial investments in measuring and monitoring equipment, shop floor training, and quality system software that are integrated into our total system. Quality improvement initiatives are ongoing. We can and do perform lot traceability and internal audits.

Internal auditing is vital to the work we perform at Intrex. At Intrex, our team includes several in-house inspectors and shop floor auditors . This level of auditing helps insure the highest levels of accuracy in our processes.

Why Choose Intrex?

Intrex is an industry leader when it comes to providing contract machined components for the aerospace, space, and defense industries. We are committed to investment in state-of-the-art equipment, system software, staff training, and manufacturing innovation. These are the tools that improve our efficiencies keep us competitive.

When quality and precision matter most, you can rely on a company with the experience, expertise, and equipment to produce work of the highest quality.

To learn more about our CNC machine shop and production capabilities, contact us today.

CNC Management

We utilize multi-axis CNC machine centers and lathes to fabricate parts that meet the rigid tolerances of the space industry.

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