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Importance of Quality Control in Precision Machining

Quality Control in Precision MachiningProducing precision parts for the aerospace/defense markets requires careful monitoring and control of your quality process. Intrex Aerospace recognizes the  importance of quality control in precision machining. We provide a quality assurance program that can deliver to our customers detailed real-time production information (part status) and critical measurements with supporting documentation. We integrate our quality system into our Epicor ERP/MRP, which monitors all phases of the manufacturing process from production to delivery of not only quality parts, but also the supporting documentation. We’ve made significant investments in our quality management software package in order to properly integrate with our Epicor system. This software allows us to track a range of quality control metrics, as well as provide CPk and SPCs, per our customers’ requirements. We can also use it to generate reports that allow our customers to see how we’ve improved quality and reduced waste throughout the production of their precision components.

Managing Special Process Outsourcing

We can monitor, measure, and manage every aspect of our system. We also manage the outsourcing of finishing processes (anodize, dry film lube, mag-particle inspection, passivation, powder coating). We manage material sourcing, production scheduling, special processing management, shipping, and documentation. We are familiar and experienced with FAIs and AOGs.

Our quality assurance process and demand management through the Epicor system allow us to maintain a PPM well below the industry standard, with an on-time delivery rate of 98+ %.

Program Management

Below are listed the key factors we provide that have impact on our ability to successfully meet our customers’ requirements. Our success has been the result of understanding these key factors that impact our customers, including:

  • Balance sheet management
  • Cost controls
  • Responsiveness to forecasting
  • Accurate communications
  • Engineering coordination
  • Continuous improvement initiatives

Intrex has the personnel and system structures that are necessary to support our customers for both domestic and international sourcing. Our 75,000-square-foot facility, located in Thornton, CO, and our experienced staff can accommodate the most demanding supply chain programs. We also have the capital to support growth initiatives. Our ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certifications are a testimony to our commitment to providing our customers with the most efficient, professional, and dedicated level of service.

Cost Control

We are constantly striving to improve our processes and eliminate unnecessary waste. Cost control is critical in our production process. We are committed to maximizing manufacturing efficiencies, which is key to controlling. At Intrex, we are constantly updating our production and support equipment and improving our systems and methods. We believe and train our staff in Six Sigma principles. Lean Six Sigma methods are rooted in process improvement systems like Total Quality Management (TQM). By utilizing these methods, we improve quality while we identify and eliminate waste.

Total System Management

Our capabilities at Intrex go beyond producing complex machined components. We offer complete program management. We also provide engineering support, management of outsourcing of finishing processes, light assembly, kitting, and more.

To learn more about Intrex Aerospace’s multi-axis machining capabilities for the aerospace and defense industries, contact us today.

Accuracy & Consistency

Intrex is committed to achieving and maintaining exceptional on-time delivery metrics without sacrificing quality.

Supply Chain Buyer
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"Intrex has excellent customer service. They honor their commitments. I enjoy working with the entire team."

Aerospace Quality Manager
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"We can count on Intrex to take critical to quality work. They are a superior company focused on quality and customer service."

Aerospace Supply Chain Manager
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"Intrex is a strategic supplier of ours. We consider them our partner. We can count on them and when a key project is in their hands, I never worry."

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