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Our focus is on critical–to–quality machined components for aerospace, defense, and space.

If you’re in the market for comprehensive supply chain interactions for your defense, aerospace, or space projects, let the Intrex Aerospace team put its expertise to work. Our 30+ years of experience as a precision machining company allows us to stay on the cutting edge of machining technology while delivering the highest quality components, on-time.

When you work with Intrex Aerospace, you benefit from access to precision CNC machined components made specifically to your requirements. Our multi-axis, CNC equipment (turn/mill lathes, horizontal and vertical machine centers and modern support equipment ensures our ability to see your project through from purchasing raw stock to providing a finished product.

Matching your needs to our capabilities

Our 5-axis CNC turn/mills with twin spindles reduce part handling, producing higher quality components.

Intrex CNC multi-axis capabilities allow us to machine up to 5 axes simultaneously. The design of our 5-axis twin spindle machines gives us the ability to machine complex shapes with minimal disruption of work holding, greatly reducing tolerance stack-up.

Many parts require machining on multiple surfaces. Our multi-axis capabilities allow us to keep up machine complex shapes, with minimum setup. Our 5 axis simultaneous machines can machine very complex shapes, in a single chucking.

Our quality process control means absolute conformance to specifications.

Intrex Aerospace is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified. Our Enterprise Quality Management System is integrated with our Epicor system. This allows for total control of the machining and quality process. We can provide total documentation.

We’re integrating customer needs with manufacturing capabilities to produce cost-effective solutions.

Our Epicor ERP system is a powerful and strategic business management tool that can integrate and manage complex flows of information and transactions. It can provide a solution for inventory control, pre-production materials planning, scheduling, shop floor flow, quality, and manufacturing execution (MES).

Your needs are essential to use. Our Epicor ERP/MRP system is designed to ensure that product flow is monitored and controlled. The Epicor system streamlines all aspects of the manufacturing and quality process, from material requisition – machining – quality inspection – documentation.

Intrex Aerospace
Quality Assurance

Focused Quality Management

Our Enterprise Quality Management System is integrated into our entire production process. Every part we produce is monitored through our quality system. Our staff is trained and committed to delivering parts that meet or exceed our customers’ specifications. We have some of the lowest PPM’s in our industry.

At Intrex our quality assurance process is totally integrated with our manufacturing process. This ensures that all relevant data needed to manufacture products are all operating under the same system. Once the product has been produced and gone through all the steps in our quality system that meet all your quality requirements, the packaging and documentation are pulled together and included in our shipping documents.

Intrex Aerospace is also ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified. Part of this certification process is training our staff. All our employees receive regular training in AS and ISO standards and are very knowledgeable in the requirements and procedures needed to maintain these certifications.

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Intrex Aerospace
Program Management
Government Regulations
Cost Control - Lean
Demand Management

Intrex incorporates demand management as part of our planning methodology. We use it to assist in our production and planning, based on the forecast information provided by our customers.

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Government Regulations

Intrex has years of experience providing components that require government compliance. Many require ITAR compliance. Our trained staff has the knowledge and experience with to produce parts to meet government requirements and provide the proper supporting documentation.

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Cost Control - Lean

We are committed to producing quality parts at competitive prices. We continue to make significant investments in capital equipment, software, and training, which drive efficiencies up and costs down.

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Supply Chain Buyer

"Intrex has excellent customer service. They honor their commitments. I enjoy working with the entire team."

Aerospace Quality Manager

"We can count on Intrex to take critical to quality work. They are a superior company focused on quality and customer service."

Aerospace Supply Chain Manager

"Intrex is a strategic supplier of ours. We consider them our partner. We can count on them and when a key project is in their hands, I never worry."

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Intrex Aerospace is a growing, dynamic organization. We are proud of our rich and rewarding work environment. We place great value on our employees and recognize the key role they play in our continued success. Being in a growth industry, we are always looking to attract and develop new, motivated employees.

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