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CNC Turning

CNC TurningIntrex Aerospace is an industry leader in providing precision CNC turning components and system support for the complex needs of aerospace/defense/  space. We provide simple-to-complex shaped machined parts to these industries, along with a high level of integration and support documentation. Our facility is equipped with more than 35 CNC machines. We have twin-spindle CNC turning/mill lathes (6-axis), turn/mills (5 axes simultaneous), and vertical and horizontal machine centers (4-axis). With our lineup of precision CNC equipment, we can produce machined aerospace parts in a wide range of sizes and complex shapes. Our machine working range is:

  • 8” x 40” CNC turn/mill twin spindle lathes (6-axis)
  • 6” x 6” CNC mill/turn (5 axes simultaneous) with ATC
  • 24” x 24” x 24” CNC horizontal machine centers (4-axis)
  • 20” x 40” CNC vertical machine centers (4-axis)

Turn Milling

Turn milling is defined as the milling of a curved surface while rotating the workpiece around its center point. Eccentric forms or shapes that differ considerably from those produced by conventional milling or turning operations can often be turn milled.

Why Use It?

Turn milling is becoming more prevalent as a machining practice. The advances in CNC controller technology have led to greater control of machine tools and their related axis drives. These advances allow for control of simultaneous motion of multiple axes. Because of these improvements, users are able to produce tighter tolerance parts with finer finishes.

The advantages of turn milling include:

  • Many of the parts Intrex produces require both turning and milling operations. The ability to hold the part in a single chucking greatly reduces the need for multiple setups. This setup reduction is beneficial in reducing tolerance “stack up,” which helps eliminate scrap and produce overall quality improvement. It also leads to greater operating efficiencies with less operator intervention, and reduction of lead times.
  • With our latest machine tool additions to turn mill machining, we can utilize simultaneous multiple-axis machine tools that have the ability to minimize or avoid collisions between the part, the cutting tool, and the machine. The 5-axis turn mill design allows tilting of the tool holder or the chucking device. This also allows provision for better tool clearance and fewer restrictions in generating true part geometry.
  • Increased tool life and machined surface improvement is always a plus. Using simultaneous turn mill technology, we are able to achieve improved tool life and cycle times. The design of our 5-axis machine tools allows for the tilting of the tool or chucking device, which helps maintain optimum cutting position and constant chip load. This improved multiple-axis control also helps produce better surface finishes.

In addition to our wide range of capabilities, Intrex has a team of knowledgeable machinists with more than three decades of aerospace CNC machining experience. Our Program Management team can manage the ever-changing demands of aerospace production and scheduling, and our demand planning experience and success in managing high-mix/low-volume aerospace components, paired with our ISO 9001 and AS9100 certification, offer a comprehensive, reliable program solution.

To request a quote or to learn more about our precision CNC turning and milling capabilities, contact Intrex today.

CNC Management

We utilize multi-axis CNC machine centers and lathes to fabricate parts that meet the rigid tolerances of the space industry.

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