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Intrex: An Aircraft Components Manufacturer With Versatile Program Capabilities

aircraft componentsWhen you contract a company to manufacture aircraft components, you want much more than a machine shop – you want a partner who can provide the right parts when you need them without wasting time and money. That’s exactly what you get with Intrex Aerospace, an expert in aerospace contract manufacturing. We have decades of experience – not only in precision CNC machining, but also in logistical supply chain management, balance sheet management, engineering coordination, inventory forecasting, and much more.

This dedication to turnkey service has resulted in the establishment of long term agreements (LTAs) with many of our clients. Through these agreements we become familiar with our clients’ aircraft components as well as their service needs, so parts procurement through Intrex is extremely easy for them. We’re ready to go into production at a moment’s notice when they need us, and in many cases we interact with their kanban systems to provide added inventory control. We can forecast our clients’ needs and begin component production automatically, so they’re never left empty handed when it comes to crucial parts.

We also take responsibility for managing the entire supply chain involved in the production of our clients’ aircraft components. This ensures that quality materials and processes are used, while saving our clients the time and frustration of coordinating sourcing and production.  In addition, this commitment to supply chain management, combined with our use of lean manufacturing practices, limits waste and ultimately control costs for our clients.

To make things even easier for our clients, we’ve obtained a wide variety of certifications that allow us to manufacture all the aircraft components they need. Not only is Intrex ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certified, but it’s also an ITAR compliant company with DO and DX experiences from work on military aircraft parts. Combined with our highly versatile precision CNC capabilities, those certifications make us the only machined aerospace parts supplier you’ll ever need.

If you’d like to learn more about out program capabilities or obtain a quote on aircraft components, contact Intrex today.

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Intrex Aerospace is a world-class manufacturer of precision CNC machined components for the aviation, defense, and space industries.

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