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Machining from Solid/Castings/Forgings for Aerospace

Machining from Solid/Castings/Forgings, Aerospace

Supplying machined parts for the aerospace market has been the backbone of our company from our inception. We can provide precision machining from Solid/Castings/Forgings for Aerospace. You, the customer, determine from which raw material we supply. Our experienced staff understands how to meet the work-holding criteria that each material presents. It will vary in complexity, from solids to castings and forgings. We know how to get the job done and on time.

Our modern 75,000-square-foot facility has the space, equipment, and control processes necessary to manufacture many space components. We are ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified and ITAR registered for work on aerospace-related programs.

New Equipment Investments

In aerospace, there ongoing challenges of rev updates and inventory constraints, as well as lot sizes of production of aerospace machined components becoming shorter. We have made significant investment in CNC multi-axis machines to meet these challenges. Investing in 5-axis simultaneous machine tools lends itself to addressing needed flexibility. Our 5-axis machines give us this flexibility and are ideally suited for machining from solid/castings/forgings. The design of this type equipment reduces the need for specialized work holding, and our twin-spindle models minimize parts transfer from machine to machine during processing. We also have tool changers on our machines, which shorten setup times, making us flexible for managing these shorter production runs.

Machining from Solid/Castings/Forgings, AerospaceWe have also made considerable investment in support equipment to match our 5-axis capability. We now have 13 Zeiss precision CMMs operating in cells on our shop floor. By locating these CMMs on our shop floor, we have better quality control at the point of manufacture. Quicker response to potential quality issues is always a good thing, and placing the CMMs strategically in our shop helps reduce scrap and hold-down cost. We also maintain two larger CMMs in our quality lab.

Experienced Staff

We have been able to maintain much of our staff over the years. As a result, our machining department is made up of premium experienced machinists. Many have over 30 years of experience producing aerospace components. They have produced machined parts from solid/castings/forgings in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, cold/hot roll steel, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, TZM, and others.

 Some of our work has quality requirements and reporting (SPC, PPAP, e.g.). We are capable of handling the most stringent supply chain quality requirements.

Our Program Management system operates on the principle that Intrex will assume the responsibility on behalf of our partners to coordinate the supply chain, manage risk, and implement systems for quality and delivery to our customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Our space business is primarily “systems business.” Our customers have partnered with us in Long Term Agreements (LTAs). Producing machined parts and managing LTAs requires more than just machining expertise. We have a robust Epicor ERP/MRP software system. It gives us the capability to match our production scheduling via pull systems, kanban, and forecasting with supplier electronic portals. It can also monitor our clients’ inventory systems with supply chain demands. The efficiencies gained by our management system can reduce lead times and drive down overall costs.

To learn more about Intrex Aerospace and our demand management, contact Intrex Aerospace today.

Program Management

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience, we have the infrastructure needed to make our customers’ program outsourcing successful.

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"Intrex has excellent customer service. They honor their commitments. I enjoy working with the entire team."

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"We can count on Intrex to take critical to quality work. They are a superior company focused on quality and customer service."

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"Intrex is a strategic supplier of ours. We consider them our partner. We can count on them and when a key project is in their hands, I never worry."

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