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Mar 19, 2024

Intrex Aerospace is a leading contract aerospace manufacturer. As a leader, we recognize that continuous improvement requires investments in technology system software, support hardware, and CNC equipment.We are constantly monitoring, measuring, and evaluating our manufacturing methods and adding  appropriate advanced CNC equipment for aerospace. to our operation.  Innovation coupled with speed and efficiency are what keep Intrex competitive. Our most recent machine purchase was a direct result of our evaluation process. It is a DMG/Mori NZX 2000 Multi Axis CNC Turn Center. This new machine represents the latest advancements in CNC machining technology.

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The DMG/Mori NZX series offers several design features that are well suited for our current production and have technical advantages that will help us produce current and future parts more efficiently.

DMG/Mori NZX 2000 Machine Features

The NZX 2000 multi-axis turning center, is equipped with three turrets, each of which comes standard with the milling function. The NZX machines achieve high-efficiency machining of complex parts by utilizing the Y-axis function that can be mounted on all three turrets.

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Complete Thermal Displacement Control

In aerospace consistent size control is critical. The major factors causing thermal displacement include heat generation during machining operation, ambient temperature changes and coolant temperature rise. The NZK machine is designed with comprehensive features to address these issues. The largest source of heat growth is in the main spindle. The NZX series has an oil jacket, coiled over the spindle to suppress temperature rises in the spindle.

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Advanced Automation and Robotics

The machine being delivered does not have robotics at the time of delivery, but the machine has some preliminary features that will easily accommodate our future automation needs. We are familiar with automation and currently have gantry style loaders on existing machines, and multi-axis Fanuc pick and place robots on other equipment. We anticipate adding automation to the NZX 2000 when needed.

We recognize some of the value’s robotics can bring to our operation:

  • Increased production speed:Robotic arms can automate tasks like loading and unloading workpieces, significantly increasing production speed and throughput.
  • Improved safety:Robots can handle heavy and potentially dangerous materials, reducing the risk of injuries to human operators.
  • 24/7 operation:Robotic automation allows for continuous operation, maximizing machine utilization and production capacity.

Robotics properly applied can maximize load/unload efficiencies, as well as spindle utilization.

Overall Impact of New CNC Equipment:

The adoption of these new CNC technologies has a significant impact on our manufacturing and business goals. We are dedicated to improving our overall efficiencies, knowing this may require substantial investment in capital and time. It is our commitment to our customers. There are several considerations for adding equipment but at the forefront of our evaluation is:

  • Reducing lead times
  • Maintaining or improving quality
  • Improving performance


New and advanced CNC equipment is revolutionizing the aerospace industry. Thanks to our continued investments we have 3-4-5 axis simultaneous CNC machines, and up to 9 axis twin spindle machines. These state-of-the-art machine technologies offer increased efficiency, improved quality, and the ability to utilize new materials, ultimately contributing to the development of lighter, faster, and more efficient aerospace components. Our CNC machines not only address our current production needs, but they also position us for the future.

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