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Intrex Aerospace has a Wide Range of Precision Machining Capabilities that We Can Leverage for Your Parts Program

precision machiningWith a wide range of precision machining capabilities, Intrex Aerospace supplies high-quality parts to clients in the aerospace and defense markets, as well as in other industries. We operate a variety of CNC turning and milling centers in multiple production cells capable of producing many different sizes and shapes of machined components. We also operate a rapid reaction cell for prototyping and time-sensitive production.

Many of our machines have multi-axis control for machining complex shapes. We also have precision machining equipment and skilled machinists capable of producing thin-walled and flanged parts. In addition to common metals, our company has the equipment and tooling needed to machine titanium alloys and a variety of other aerospace-grade materials.

Some of our recent equipment acquisitions include CNC Swiss lathes capable of up to 9-axis machining. Equipped with automated bar-stock feeders, these precision machining systems are ideal for high-mix/low-volume manufacturing. Our expansion into our new Thornton facility has allowed us to add a new machine cell, which also has Fanuc robot load/unload systems, which allow it to operate for long periods with minimal labor. These are just the start of our planned capital outlays as we continue our growth to meet our clients’ demands.

In addition to high precision machining, we manage a variety of outside finishing services. We can coordinate thin-film lubrication, heat treatment, painting, and powder coating through our vertically integrated supply management. We also offer partial or complete assembly services and kitting, making it easy to receive parts that can go immediately from dock to stock.

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Intrex Aerospace is a world-class manufacturer of precision CNC machined components for the aviation, defense, and space industries.

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